Services and Support

Project Management Unit (PMU)

The PMU manage all projects and related specific activities within given constraint of time, budget and quality.
It ensures that the scope, schedule and costs are reasonable and achievable along with providing timely guidance to the clients.
PMU also conducts periodic and post-project reviews to ensure project is on track.
It integrates self into the departmental environment to effectively lead the project team and build positive professional relationship with the clients. It defines the objectives, requirements and assumptions necessary to structure management project.
PMU plans, schedules and controls the activities to fulfil the identified objectives applying technical, theoretical and managerial skills to satisfy the project requirements.
It enforces and develops integrated development plan representing the appropriate level of detail.
PMU defines inter dependency of the tasks and project tactics with the overall project strategy.
It consults and leads efforts of individual, team, department and other resources associated with the project activity.
PMU ensures alignment on project goals and deliverables.

Citizen Service Centers (CSCs)

CSC is a single window interface that provides Government Services to the citizen at large and in a Time Bound Manner. We are having 8 CSCs across the state. These CSCs cater to all online/ offline citizen services provided by various Government departments.

The major benefit of CSCs is to provide Single window counter to the citizens to avail various services without visiting any Government offices. Through CSCs we also provide status updates of the application via SMS.

Call Management System ( Call Centre)

We have set up a State Level Call Management System ( Call Centre) for citizen to avail information/ assistance towards the Government services.

We also have Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) based calling system for receiving calls from Citizen. The VOIP system has features like Call recording, handling multiple calls simultaneously, missed call alerts, Data security, Quality Audit, proper call monitoring, Call tracking, SMS triggering, control panel for call management etc. We also provide Hot Line Number to our stakeholders.

Manpower Services

We provide well qualified, experienced manpower with technical expertise. We also provide consultancy, training and other services connected with manpower services.

The manpower provided are :
1. Executive and Data Entry Operators :
Executive and Data Entry Operators(DEOs) can be posted at the client site as per requirement to handle the system  operations of the client. This Manpower will be fully trained with the SOPs and technicalities of the system for efficient and prompt operations.

2. Implementation Engineers:
Continuous Support: Provide ongoing assistance to ensure the project’s uninterrupted functionality. This involves monitoring, troubleshooting, and resolving issues promptly.

Technical Training: Conduct training sessions to empower the client’s personnel with the necessary technical skills and knowledge required for efficient project operation.

Adaptation to Procedural Changes: Stay vigilant for any procedural changes at the client’s operational level and make necessary adjustments to ensure the project remains aligned with evolving requirements.

3. Software Engineers:
Software Engineers design and maintain the software systems. They Optimize the software for its speed and scalability and consult clients, security specialists and the other stakeholders.

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