About Us

About Us : Innovation and Strong Relationships

At Goa Electronics Limited (GEL), we believe that innovation flourishes in the soil of strong relationships. Our growth is nurtured through open and collaborative bonds with our valued clients, vendors, and consultants.

Why We Stand Out

Innovation is not just a buzzword at GEL, It's ingrained in our DNA. We take a formal and dedicated approach to quality assurance, setting stringent standards for operational and procedural excellence. But it doesn't stop there – we passionately enforce these standards, making our commitment to quality the cornerstone of our service.

Our Quest for Quality

From the very inception of a project to its successful conclusion, our unwavering commitment to quality is evident. Starting with the careful selection of solutions and professionals, our rigorous quality processes extend throughout every aspect of our interactions with clients.

With GEL, Expect Nothing Less than Excellence in Every Step of Our Journey Together.

What We Do : Unleashing IT Excellence for You

At Goa Electronics Limited (GEL), we are driven by three critical areas of IT excellence: Business Consultation, Software Solutions, and Hardware Supply & Maintenance. Our unique approach combines the strengths of all three domains, ensuring we understand our customers' needs, build robust solutions, and provide unwavering support for the long term. Whether we are engaged at the project's beginning or any stage along the way, our true value emerges through a comprehensive cross-functional approach.

Our "Plan, Build, Manage" philosophy underpins our commitment to delivering cohesive and effective solutions. In a world where IT plays a pivotal role in organizational growth and innovation, we believe that our dedication to these core values creates the foundation for thriving, mutually beneficial relationships with all our clients. Experience the GEL difference - where IT empowers your success, and your goals are at the heart of everything we do.

Our Impressive Capabilities

At GEL, we boast a wide range of capabilities that cater to diverse needs in the IT realm. From expert IT-Project Management to insightful Business Analysis, we've got you covered. Our team excels in Application Development, ensuring innovative solutions to fuel your success. With adept Database Administration and reliable System and Network Administration, your operations are in safe hands. Embracing Web Development, Client-Server architecture, Object-Oriented Development, and Legacy System transformations, we adapt to your requirements with ease. And there's more! Collaborating with other technical leaders, we bring expertise in Digitization of Spatial Data and Smart Cards, and we craft cutting-edge GIS-based applications. At GEL, our capabilities know no bounds, and we're eager to power your success with our advanced solutions.

We always take responsibility for our actions and use our creativity and business knowledge to add more value. We are honest and fair in our dealings and constantly look for an outcome where the solutions we put in place deliver mutual benefits. We believe that these core values are the key to a successful and mutually beneficial relationship with any client.

Our IT Core Competencies

GEL is experienced in executing projects on virtually all the existing IT platforms. Below are platforms that we are currently providing services:

● ASP.Net, C#, Java, VB.Net, ASP, HTML, DHTML, XML, OOP, .NET Framework, Windows, Visual Basic, VB Script

● COM , DCOM, ActiveX, ADO, RDO

● Power Builder, Rational Rose

● Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Exchange 2000, IIS, UNIX

● MS SQL Server, Access, Oracle

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