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What we do

Our Philosophy
At the heart of GEL, there is an unwavering commitment to excel in three aspects of all jobs, we undertake providing quality solutions and services.

Quality Policy
Our Aim is to design, develop and implement IT enabled services which meets customers expectations and provide efficient after sales service & technical support. The Management is committed to continually improve the overall performance of the organization through Quality Management System.

Who we are

GEL, a wholly owned subsidiary of EDC Ltd. was started in 1978. GEL was originally involved in the manufacture of CTVs, B/W TVs and audio sets .
GEL had diversified in the IT sector and was identified as one of the agency for providing IT support to Government departments in the state of Goa. Since then GEL has been providing fee based IT support to various Government Departments.

Our Think Tank

The Goa Electronics Ltd. “Think tank” comprises of Management, Marketing, Development, Operations and Recruitment teams. Our “Think tank” is responsible for ensuring that every aspect of service for our clients, vendors and employees is of the highest quality. With the help of this team we walk the proverbial extra mile to make sure our clients feel comfortable, secure and happy to work with us.

GEL capabilities include areas like IT-Project Management, Business Analysis, Application Development, Database Administration, System and Network Administration, Hardware Supply and Maintenance. Software Technologies supported by GEL encompasses Web Development, Client Server, Object Oriented Development, Legacy System, Project based development, Conversion and Integration. GEL in Collaboration with other technical companies has also expertise in the field of Digitization of Spatial Data and Smart Cards and GIS based applications.